Affiliation is the act of being associated with a person or a company. In this case, affiliation would be between us and another website. Affiliation is a mutual agreement between to sites to link to each other as a sign of support (also, it bring traffic to both sites). If a site is affiliated with Indigo Plateau, it represents Indigo Plateau, and we are representing you.

General Requirements

As a general policy, we do not affiliate with forums. This means that if your website is solely based on a forum, we won't affiliate with you. Even if it is booming with activity. However, we will affiliate with community oriented sites. This means that although the main feature of the site is the community, it still has interesting and informative content to offer. Another exception to this rule would be an RPG that you have worked very hard on and the actual RPG is reflective of this.

Also, you must be mainly a Pokémon site. That means that although you can offer content on other subjects, Pokémon is the main part. If you don't have enough Pokémon content to be considered a Pokémon site, we can't affiliate with you.

Finally, your site must be appropriate for visitors. It is alright to have content geared towards a different audience (PG-13, for example, is perfectly acceptable), however there should be no porn, hentai, etc. Keep in mind that Pokémon is mainly played by children and teens.


Generally, when you wish to affiliate with people, you must have a site with something on it - content, substance. That being said it is alright if you are new to webmastering or have a new website that you're working on, but we won't affiliate with an empty site, per-say. Regarding that, you have to have good, informative content that is unique to your site or insightful. For example, a lot of Pokémon websites out here have index pages for each Generation of Pokémon, with an overview of the game, console, release dates...and that's about all. While that is alright, it doesn't really count as quality content. With that being said, you should always shoot for quality over quantity. We are more likely to affiliate with a site with a small number of informative, insightful pages than a "super-site" with hundreds of pages that are short and are poor in quality.

Proper grammar is a must. A misspelled word here or there, or another form of a grammatical error is fine. However, if it kills our brain to read your content, chances are we aren't going to affiliate with you. On that line, your site must be in English. This isn't a discriminatory rule or anything, but if we don't understand the language of your site, chances are most of our visitors won't. Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with having a website in a different language.

Another one of our pet peeves is inactivity. As a fansite, we expect weekly or monthly updates. Weekly meaning adding little stuff like a page or two. Monthly meanings a few pages or more.

Indigo Plateau is a fairly intensive website. We do not ask that you have incredible coding skills and are skilled at combining Python, PHP, Javascript and PERL. We ask for a neat, organized web-design, featuring something that draws our attentions. A nice design is always a good first impression, making it easier for us to critique you. Hectic layouts with crap following you as you scroll down are so annoying that we will probably automatically flunk you.

Some other things we don't like:

  • Mouse tails
  • Javascript apps unless necessary.
  • Sloppy layouts
  • Browser incompatibility
  • A badly written disclaimer.
  • Inconsistency
  • Uber Bright colors
  • Lots of Ads
  • Popups background ads

The Actual Affiliation

Please save these to your own server.

If you have read this page and feel like you meet the requirements and would like to affiliate with Indigo Plateau, you can shoot us an email (either Reign or Kingdra). These addresses can be found in the contact page. In this email you should include your name (or what you would like to be called), your website name, and a link to your site with a button URL. We'll try to be timely in terms of responding to an affiliation request. If you are denied, we will make sure that it will be polite and in no terms harsh, and if you are accepted you will be provided with our button and your button will be put up within a week of the acceptance email.

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